Tori DeWeese

Effective leader aiming to grow with FareHarbor

Current Team Lead with 3.5 years of experience on the Onboarding team. Proven ability to motivate and build trust within a team. Enthusiastic about new challenges and leadership opportunities.

Leadership Experience

Live Build Team Lead

May 2021 - Present

  • Leading weekly team huddles, discussing priorities and queue outlook.
  • Engaging with bi-weekly with 8 individual team members in 1-on-1's.
  • Created #amer_livebuild to centralize and improve team communication.
  • Trained 14 new builders on the Live Build Process, supported their transition into the queue.
  • Developed "Live Build Process" presentation to supplement Support member training.
  • Track daily build completions, present weekly build stats in a meaningful way.

SPARK! 1-on-1 Coordinator

October 2020

  • Developed the processes for client communication and host assignment.
  • Managed and updated the spark_oneonones dashboard.
  • Facilitated client communication prior to, during, and post-Spark week for 319 1-on-1 attendees.
  • Communicated host assignments, expectations, and processes cross-departmentally.
  • Created the Spark Escalations process and Slack channel.

Builder Bootcamp

February - November 2019

  • Trained 8 new builders on complicated dashboard features, best practices, and day-to-day processes.
  • Scheduled comprehensive 2-week training courses that consist of lectures, practice builds, Lessonly’s, and guest speakers.
  • Provided constructive feedback on every practice build.
  • Audited all completed dashboards for up to 2 additional weeks post-bootcamp.
  • Gathered post-Bootcamp feedback from particiapnts after creating a follow-up survey.
  • Facilitated continued education sessions.

Notable Projects

Live Build Proccess & Communication

2021 (present)

  • Maintain all Help Pages relating to Live Builds.
  • Optimize Workflows in #builders.
  • Actively participate in #builders and #amer_livebuilders channels.
  • Created team awareness around SLA breached queues.
  • Secure easy builds for the Onboard builders during peak seasons.
  • Facilitated weekly communication with Build Liaisons.

Technical Expert Process & Reporting


  • Collaborated internally with stakeholders to address issues and optimize workflow.
  • Presented the "TE Project Process" to AMER and EMEA Account Management teams.
  • Updated the Technical Expert Help Page.
  • Created the TE Follow-Up Survey process for the opportunity to analyze the value and client impact of projects.

United Nations Visitor Centre


  • Collaborated with 3 units within the UN, each unit handled different types of tours that required unique solutions in the dashboard.
  • Successfully built an “Invoicing” dashboard for the Group Tours unit that allows large groups, schools, and organizations to pay their invoice through FareHarbor.

Reserve with Google


  • Organized a team of 3 OB members to Google map for ~1,500 companies (3 items per company).
  • Expanded efforts to the entire Onboarding team and led evening RwG mapping parties.
  • Coordinated with the Connectivity team in EMEA to determine milestone goals and develop best practices.

Related Experiences


"Crowded field of rippers in OB helping on all initiatives right now. But Tori stood out this week clarifying questions across functions, reinforcing best practices within OB, and working through project/process updates while troubleshooting problems with clients. Thank you for the consistent positivity and effort, Tori!”

- Josh Halperin, GM of Americas

"Tori has been paving the way as OB’s first Senior Enterprise Builder by owning every opportunity that comes her way. She’s taken on advanced AM training on more technical dash features, is in constant contact with clients for various TE & TAM projects, while continuing to monitor Live Build Escalations, knock out support tickets, & offer guidance to our newer builders & teammates across the company!”

- Abby Dunne, Build Team Manager

“Without even going into all the work she put into Spark, she helps out a ton with escalations, taking on crazy builds, and is quick to answer any questions that anyone may have. Just a complete team player!”

- James McCoy, Senior Dashboard Specialist