Tori DeWeese

November 27, 2021

RE: Build Team Manager

To whom it may concern,

I am writing this letter to express my interest in the new Build Team Manager role. This is an exciting time for the Build Team as we are developing new talent, continuing to embrace remote culture and approaching a new year. There is still much about this role to be defined and for what it's worth, there is still much I have to define about my leadership style. As a Team Lead I have prioritized building trust and communicating openly and clearly. Given the opportunity, in a manager role I would build upon that by also focusing on skill sharpening and meaningful team engagement.

As a Team Lead, the best work days are the ones when I feel the most connected to the team. Those days can come in many forms, and they are more important now than ever before in this remote environment. Most recently, my favorite day of work was November 19 (National Treasure Day) when the Live Build Team worked together in the office and celebrated the past year of hard work. As we continue to navigate remote working, it's important to explore new techniques of engagement, information sharing and continued education. These ventures excite me and given the opportunity I would approach them with techniques of genuine appreciation and balanced feedback. There is a real opportunity for the Build Team to embrace hybrid work from home culture and become better for it.

The most challenging days as a Team Lead are the ones that can feel directionless. Improvement is the goal but what does that look like? Where do we start? I've found that the conversations in huddles and 1-on-1's are the best ways to realign priorities and find opportunities. As a manager there is the opportunity to engage more meaningfully with teammates, specifically with goal-setting. These conversations produce individual purpose and direction for the year and they can have a large impact on employee happiness. To those discussions I would bring energy and foster supportive autonomy. As someone who has successfully set and acheived stretch goals in the past, I believe I could successfully partner with builders to set attainable goals that connect to the broader team's goals.

I've worn many hats on the Build Team as a mentor, a senior enterprise dashboard specialist and a leader so applying for the manager role feels like the natural next step. Natural, but not easy. This next step feels right but the decsision to apply was not made lightly. I care deeply about the Build Team, the people I work with and this company so the responsibilities that come with being a manager are not lost on me. Facing a new challenge is always exciting as well as humbling. Thank you for considering my application, I am looking forward to further discussions.


Tori DeWeese